Urgently Required – Area Superintendent HES

Area Superintendent HES – SN (F)

Roles and Responsibilities
Manage, coordinate, develop, and enforce Company’s contractors Health, Environment and Safety (HES), procedure, program, policy and regulation that shall be aligned with Company’s HES policy, and monitor and manage the performance / result. Provide advice and HES training to field construction groups concerning compliance with applicable regulations, industry standards, and Company guidelines, practice and policies. Coordinate safety inspections and enforce safety compliance, in liaison with Company’s contractors safety personnel. Provide day-to-day on-site safety monitoring and HES training to Company’s contractors personnel. To recommend methods of compiling, tracking and reporting safety data and ways of improving safety including training and implementation of various safety initiatives and processes. The roles and responsibilities of this position include but not limited to:
(1) Enforce Company’s contractors HES Management Plan
(2) Lead Contractor and Company’s contractors Compliance to Company’s HES policy
(3) Lead and control all Contractor’s field HES activities at his/her area of responsibility.
(4) Facilitate incident investigation and follow up its recommendations
(5) Work closely with Company and Company’s contractors during execution of Field HES Services to support construction completion in compliance with quality requirements.
(6) Execute continuous mentoring program from senior to junior personnel during the performance of Field HES Services, including tracking of its effectiveness  and documenting the results.
(7) Develop and implement HES training program for all Contractor personnel and Company’s contractors.

(8) Provide HES guidance to the Contractor personnel and ensuring their use and understanding of the approved HES management and the HES associated procedures.
(9) Ensure all systems, proceses and procedures for Field HES Services are consistently and well implemented to meet Company’s expectation during Contract period.
(10) Report to and assist Manager HES for execution of Field HES Services during the Contract period.

Qualification of Personnel
(1) Minimum education is to possess an engineering degree (S1).
(2) The candidate shall have minimum 15 years working experience in construction execution and field HES supervision and inspection, with minimum 10 years of which are for oil and gas or petrochemical handling projects and/or facilities, and minimum 10 years of which at supervisory position. Having AK3 Certification from Depnaker is an advantage.
(3) The candidate shall have minimum experience as a Field HES Superintendent for EPC or CM contracts for oil and gas or petrochemical industries in the last 5 years.
(4) The candidate shall have broad knowledge on various construction techniques, various field HES practices and related quality codes & standards.
(5) The candidate shall demonstrate strong HES leadership, have strong supervisory capability and high skills for facilitation, coordination, mentoring & coaching and have broad networking.

Send your Update CV and Certificate to sartono@safe-hr.asia

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