Training Supervisor

 Roles and Responsibilities 

  1. Lead, maintain and develop training plan, module and documentation.
  2. Train the contractors’ and company’s contractor personnel as per developed training plan and module.
  3. Coordinate with training coordinator and trainer in developing training plan for Contractor’s personnel and manage the implementation to fulfill contract requirement.
  4. Identify, review and evaluate the training plan and the implementation to come up with the input for improvement.
  5. Work together with company and company contractor’s project manager to determine the organization needs. Design and create training manuals, online training modules and course materials aligning with company requirements and policies.
  6. Select and assign instructors, trainer, or vendors to conduct training, review training materials from a variety of vendors and choose appropriate materials and communicate the plan and result to company.

 Qualification of Personnel 

  1. Minimum education is to possess S1 or D3 Degree in any discipline with 7 years (S1) or 10 years (D3) working experience in managing training and development programs and organization, which minimum 5 years as trainer in the oil/gas HES or construction related skills (e.g. lifting & rigging, welding, scaffolding, etc).
  2. Have good instructional technique and design and have certification or qualification in training and development method.
  3. Understand key techniques – Training Need Analysis (TNA) method and template, evaluation, and transfer of learning (putting learning into practice in the workplace).
  4. Able to be good communicator and to present with credibility and authority; innovative, and able to develop new concepts and to deliver creative solutions.
  5. Shall have broad knowledge on various training programs for construction and execution aspects, included HES and other discipline applications for construction activities and constructability review and has knowledge of the function of the Training Department, of the training option available, and of differed learning and training styles.
  6. Shall have minimum 5 years at supervisory or managerial skills and position to supervising a training and development organization with minimum 10 trainers, which 3 years shall be related to construction and project management for oil & gas, EPC, or petrochemical project or facilities.
  7. Able to give good and consistent advice, think strategically and at an individual level, influence upwards, sideways, downwards and outwards.
  8. Have a systematic approach to training, an understanding of design, tailored training and an appreciation of the challenges trainers face, and knowledge of training, learning and the business as a whole.
  9. Able and aware of sources of advice, materials, suppliers and contacts.

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