Scheduler (SN)

We are Looking for suitable candidates for our ECM Project,

Duri – Riau, Sumatera – Indonesia;

especially  for Chevron Pacific Indonesia as our Client


1). Roles and Responsibilities

  • Perform project scheduling Services for  Company’s projects both at individual or portfolio level which shall include but not limited to: development & update of project schedule (up to level-4), collaboration with Contractor’s Project Controls Specialist to develop and update master schedule (resources loaded, WBS based), critical path identification in project schedule, etc.
  • Work closely with Company and Company’s contractors during performance of project scheduling services for Company’s projects.
  • Develop and maintain Contractor’s processes and procedures related with project scheduling.
  • Prepare detailed schedule for project execution covering all associated activities (such as: detail engineering, construction, commissioning, equipment certification, construction management, procurement of goods & services, etc.), interconnection among activities and determining critical path activities, by referring to historical data and/or appropriate duration benchmarks and/or professional judgment.

2). Qualification of Personnel

  • Minimum education is to possess an engineering degree (S1) with 8 years working experience or engineering diploma degree (D3) with 12 years working experience, both in construction execution and project scheduling.
  • Minimum 4 years of which (for S1 degree) or 6 years of which (with D3 degree), working in oil & gas or petrochemical handling projects and/or facilities.
  • The candidate shall have broad knowledge on contruction execution and thorough knowledge on various project scheduling methods and related codes & standards, including associated software.
  • The candidate shall have high skill for facilitation & coordination, and networking.


Please update and send your CV to :


Note: Suitable Candidate only will be contacted by our HR Team


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